The Signature Cinematic Highlights

Man, you guys are so good!!! I’ve seen lots of footage from lots of weddings and you guys really do a fantastic job of coverage and creative!”
– Colin, a groom, also a former wedding videographer
Oh my goodness!
You two! Thank you so much. It made Casey and I cry all over again!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You two are the absolute best! So amazing, so genuine, so talented! ” 
– Morgan, the Bride
I can’t count how many comments I’ve heard about it being the most amazing wedding video anyone had ever seen! And as if your talent wasn’t enough – you are the absolute sweetest people and working with you made our day – so thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts!!”
-Kendra and Carl, the Bride and Groom
Thank youuuuuu! We’ve watched it about 100 times and still cry each time. We can’t thank you enough!!!”
 – Kirstin and Guy, the Bride and Groom

I spent what felt like months researching, reading reviews, and watching hundreds of wedding videos during my morning & afternoon train commute – 2 hours each way (but that’s another discussion).

I had a long list of Videographers I found on my own and Dax Victorino Films was (highly) recommended by our planner. I purposely saved them for last because I wanted to select someone not based on a recommendation but based on how I felt after watching their videos. I wanted my decision to be raw, unbiased and organic.

The term “Save the Best for Last” was a true testament in my case. There were a ton of great videos out there but none, I really connected with. After watching DVF’s videos I knew they were exactly who I wanted work with. They’re truly talented & trained. Dax, Pao, and Roman did an exquisite job working with me, my husband (still blushing) and my crazy ass family & friends. They were so patient, humble & kind – some of the most genuine people we’ve ever met.

I was in tears after watching the sneak peek and the raw version of our highlight video. And by “in tears” I mean, sobbing.

The best advice I can give a bride-to-be or a newly engaged couple is to not only hire a Videographer but an AMAZING one, and by amazing I mean Dax Victorino Films. You don’t want to skimp on this part of your wedding. You may think it’s not that important but I promise you, you would want to relive every minute and every second of your wedding day. Things will get chaotic the day of and after you’ve been meticulously planning for months only to see it fly by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate to have something help you relive it.

Wouldn’t you want to have something to watch a couple times after your wedding (and by couple, I mean 4 times a day – and by 4 I mean 27, but really, who’s counting?!). Trust me, I am always right. Just ask my new husband.”

– Leilani, the Bride