How to Post Your Wedding Sneak Peek Film to Your Instagram – Using Your Phone

For IOS, using the Dropbox app to transfer file:

Note – this may look like a lot of steps, but it’s really quick and easy to do! 

STEP 1: Download the Dropbox app here. Sign in if you already have an existing account. Or, if you don’t have an existing account, follow the app’s registration instructions.

STEP 2: Go to your email and look for our What to Expect message. Then click on the download link to open the film.

STEP 3: The film will autoplay. Click the anywhere in the screen to show “X”.

STEP 4: Click on the three dots to open up a sidebar. Then click the Share icon then “Save to Dropbox”. Wait for the file to upload.

STEP 5: Once done, exit the page to go back to your phone’s main menu. Open your Dropbox app.

STEP 6: Once inside the app, look under “Recent”, and find the .mp4 file you just downloaded. Click the “…” icon right next to it to open a new window.

STEP 7: Click “Export” then once a new window pops up, click “Save Video”. Wait for it to complete exporting. You’re almost there!

STEP 8: Click “OK” to allow Dropbox to save videos to your phone.

STEP 9: Go back to your phone’s main menu and head straight to your Instagram app. Click on the “+” icon to pull up your Camera Roll. Select the video you just downloaded in your Camera Roll.

STEP 10: Click on the full-screen icon for better viewing. Otherwise, move on to the next step if you don’t want to have white letterbox or lines in your Instagram video.

STEP 11: Click “Next”. Make sure the Audio icon is on.

STEP 12: Then, click on “Cover” to scroll through the film and select your cover image. Then click “Next”.

STEP 13: Write your caption if you’d like. Don’t forget to tag us @daxvictorinofilms! Then click “Share”.

Boom! DONE!