Select the location where you’re getting ready at with care.

Here’s a secret to making sure your skin looks effortlessly beautiful on film and photos: natural lighting!
Artificial lights tend to make things look green or yellow on film so try to select a comfortable and uncluttered space where lots of natural light are coming in. Most of the time, that gorgeous lighting is by a window. Trust us, it will make a WORLD of a difference in your photos and videos!

Have ALL of your important wedding details together in one location before we and your photographer/s arrive.

These details include: the dress, shoes, jewelry, heirloom items, all of your rings, bouquet, garter, veil, invitations, etc.
This is so we can shoot them efficiently so we have more time to focus on capturing your fun, candid moments. We’ll make sure we’ll return them, don’t worry.

Oh and take the price tags and stickers off your shoes, even those found inside.

The last thing you want to see is a price tag in the shot of your wedding shoes. Unless you want to show them off….well, go on with yo’ bad self! ;)

Eat your breakfast or snack before you put on your wedding dress or formal attire.

It may be hectic and you may be nervous, but it will be a while before you have the opportunity to nourish yourself during the reception.
In fact, you’ll probably be hungry after the wedding is over too (we learned this the hard way on our own wedding day, you guys!).
You can ask your caterer to pack you an extra meal for later so you have something to take back with you to your suite. Thou shalt not be hangry on your wedding!

FOR BRIDES: Don’t forget to review your dress bustle with your ladies.

Figuring this one out on the day of the wedding can be a huge time-suck – this can take 30 minutes or more!
So try your dress on one more time and make sure that it works and that someone in your wedding party knows how to help you with it too.

FOR GROOMS: Practice tying your bow tie or necktie before your wedding day

Or you can pre-tie them in advance to ensure that you avoid getting the day behind because you have to figure it out. And if you’re going to wear a pocket square, fold them in advance.


Hold hands during your ceremony.

This is probably a super weird tip, right?
Sometimes people forget to tell you these things, but it looks super awkward during your ceremony photos AND videos if you are standing 5 feet apart and not touching. To encourage the little giggles, small glances, and romance (rawr) during the ceremony, make sure you hold hands together.

Ask your officiant to move.

During your rehearsal, ask your officiant to step to the side when s/he announce your first kiss. We’re not trying to be mean, but you wouldn’t want your officiant’s face in between your kissing faces on your photos and videos!


The free and best secret to great photos AND video: slowing down to savor your actual wedding day.

You don’t have to move or be a certain way during your shoots, just enjoy each other and your people around you, trust your team, and we’ll guide you for the rest! You got this, we all got this! :)

Don’t worry about time – really!

We’ll team up with your photographer and planner (if you have one) to keep you on schedule as possible, but your job is to enjoy your day. If that means things running a little late because you’re having a great time, then don’t worry about it!
See you guys very soon – THIS IS IT! You guys are going to have an epic day :)


Dax and Pao Victorino